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Hey! Welcome to Explore Your Roots.

My name is Kurt Crandall and with the demand and support of many, I have helped create Explore Your Roots!

Now, Explore Your Roots is designed to be a platform to create and share genealogical stories, guidance, and tips in meaningful and impactful ways. The overall goal is simple: to encourage and inspire others to engage in their own genealogy and family history, and then share it with their own family and friends. We know how exciting and fun this kind of investigation can be, and also how important and worthwhile it is to preserve and share these kinds of stories with others.

For this cause, we are creating all sorts and forms of media to engage audiences of all kinds. From making investigative videos and podcasts to short, bite-size social media posts to community blog posts, we believe that we have something for everyone.

So join us, take a look around our website and content, follow us on our social media sites, let us know your thoughts and suggestions, and most importantly, explore your roots!

If you or anyone you know has an interesting family history story or any neat genealogy story and would like to share it, send them our way and reach out at!

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