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The Cars and Driving Stories of Our Ancestors

Classic cars are always fun to look at and enjoy, but have you ever thought about the time when they first were released and weren’t even considered “classic” yet? Our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and maybe even great-great-grandparents lived during a time when some iconic cars were coming out and perhaps you may even remember one sitting in your driveway or your grandparent’s driveway when you were growing up. While I was looking through some old family photos, I was able to see many vintage cars that they drove as well as learn some fun stories (included are some great pictures!).

One fun driving story is that of my great-grandmother Edith. She was a Swedish immigrant who didn’t learn to drive until she was 49 years old. Her husband around that time developed glaucoma, so Edith took it upon herself to learn how to drive to be able to take them places. She travelled to California to visit her daughter and son-in-law so that they could teach her how to drive. Her first lesson began one night just after midnight in Griffith Park. When her husband died a few years later, her ability to drive allowed her to have several different jobs and provide for herself.

What “classic” cars do you remember from your childhood? Let us know!

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